Saturday, December 15, 2007

All about: Tony Budny

Tony Budny (not seen here due to the fact he doesn't have a picture on his computer to share) is a television producer for Voice of America in Washington, D.C.
Tony graduated from George Mason University in May with a Communication degree. He has worked at WAYZ in Greencastle, Pa. as well as at The Herald-Mail newspaper in his hometown of Hagerstown, Md. He did, in fact, survive the Professor Klein experience. He would also do it again if he had the chance.

Voice of America is a government-run news organization that focuses on international journalism. VOA is a branch of the State Department. VOA broadcasts abroad to nations all around the world with both radio and television programs to reach a broad audience, including some very remote areas like central Africa with shortwave radio. Some areas are so remote that the only news they receive is from VOA. To some, VOA serves as a calling to better serve the public.

Budny focuses primarily on sports at VOA. He recently produced a piece on the Mitchell Report (although it has not been posted online yet) as well as a profile of Cal Ripken Jr. after his trip to China as Special Sports Envoy for the State Department.

Budny hopes to contribute to this blog as frequently as time allows and looks forward to reading all the great insights from Professor Klein's students, former students and guest speakers. Budny hopes you enjoy his insights, as well.
Budny also has his own all-purpose blog. Feel free to read it, post comments and make suggestions. He just started it in October.

He'll be sure to post a picture when he gets one.

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Tour of '03 (Steve Klein) said...

I'm pleased to have former WGMU radio Program Director Tony Budney post on this blog. The primary audience for this blog is the 18 students who are enrolled for the class this spring. I look forward to hearing from you regularly.