Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tickling Gunston

Why Gunston?
Because Gunston is the mascot George Mason University would like to kill but can't.
It's kinda like blogging: the habit many of us would like to kill and can't.
And why would we want to?
Blogging is writing, and the more you write, the better you'll write -- especially if you edit your writing.
And anyone who knows me knows that editing means rereading, revising, rewriting and proofreading.
Even on a blog (or in e-mail).
So, in the spirit of editing, here's a video to start off what I hope will become a gathering place for current and past students of this class as well as other area journalists and guests. I hope to collaborate with my friend, Joe Gisondi, the academic advisor of the student newspaper at Eastern Illinois University and author of the fine On Sports blog.
I'll be introducing other contributors to this blog, and I expect my students will be introducing themselves as well in the near future.
Together, we'll all tickle Gunston.

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