Sunday, February 3, 2008

BJ Koubaroulis: 3 things (extra credit)

On Thursday Feb. 7, the class will meet in Dewberry Hall of the Johnson Center in order for you to participate in the Communication Department's semi-annual Communication Day event between 10:45 a.m. and 3 p.m. (see seperate e-mail for the full agenda).
Please consider attending early, especially for Jennifer Carroll's 12:15 p.m. presentation on media transformation and what kind of future in the business awaits you (make a 3-thing extra credit entry in the blog item just below). Jennifer is vice president of New Media Content for Gannett's 85 newspapers. I've know her since 1985, when we both worked at the Lansing State Journal. This a wonderful opportunity.

Please look for me at the Journalism table in Dewberry Hall. I'll be joined by BJ Kourbaroulis (left in photo) of the Washington Post and the Fairfax Sports Network. BJ, who has just been selected as the Communication Department's Alumnus of the Year (a terrific honor, so please congratulate him! will speak at 1:35, then will meet with you at the Journalism table.

I need to leave at 1:45 (but you will remain with BJ to talk about networking and getting your career off the ground; make a 3-things entry here for extra credit) for the GMU-TV video studio in 455 Innovation Hall for a 2-3:15 p.m. video conference with former Vice President Walter Mondale as part of my Online Journalism class. The unusual time is to accommodate the former vice president, so I am looking for students who are interested in attending the session (I have 16-18 seats). Please let me know if the opportunity interests you.


Latonya said...

BJ Koubaroulis was by far one of the relatable speakers that we have had so far.

Here are just a few of things that I connected with during his time spent with the class:

1. Networking is not about "what you can do for me." It is about sharing yourself with others.

2. Treat everything you do like a potential job opportunity.

3. Do what you love, and the money will follow.

Dechele said...

I thought it was very beneficial to hear from Bj Koubaroulis on Thursday. He was very helpful in giving advice on networking and how to get ahead in the industry. The three most important things that I took away from his speech was:

1. Just because something is not a big name place does not mean you cannot do good work. He explained the importance of presenting good quality writing no matter who you are working for.

2. Do not be afraid to seek opportunity. Stuff is not just going to fall in your lap you have to go out and get it.

3. Do what you love and the money will follow.

Eric said...

BJ Koubaroulis was a great speaker at the Communication function.

His 3 main things were first off to earn it, then respect it, and finally to give it back.

Earn it to Mr. BJ Koubaroulis was saying that it is important to take every opportunity available and use it for its value. Next BJ said it was important to start small for a local newspaper or what have you and to write well on the lower level to get noticed.

Respect it to BJ was a way to say that you need to always be at your best in any situation, because if you do not respect your job at the lower level. Then how can someone respect your writing at a higher level. Just be professional all the time and work hard to get ahead.

Give it back is the hardest part, said BJ. This is when you have arrived and it is now time to return the favor. BJ went on to say this is the most forgotten step but probably the most important. Through networking we get ahead, but without a full circle then networking doesn't work properly.

ambar said...

I really enjoyed listening to BJ Koubaroulis... he hit very close to home!
The Three things I learned:

1: Treat everything you do like it's a potentinal job opportunity. Do your best while you are at it.

2: When you are trying to climb the ladder, do your best job at whatever you do. In other words, earn it. So that when you get a big job offer you will be able to proove that you are worth what you say you're worth.

3: Networking is not about what other people can do for you. It is about getting to know people, offering yourself, and in the process learnig what you can do for yourself. If you do this, the people around you will see waht you are capeable of doing.

Josh said...

BJ Koubaroulis had some interesting ideas for becoming successful.

1. Write stories and send them into columnists and editors. Even though you aren't employed with a company, BJ suggested walking into a newsroom and handing them your story. What a fascinating idea.

2. Passing down the love. Sharing, helping, and networking were keys in his talk. Helping out the next person who wants to get in the business.

3. Get an internship while you're in college. Do NOT WAIT until you graduate from college. That was also interesting to hear.

Phil Murphy said...

BJ Koubaroulis is a friend of mine and an extremely reliable source of advice.

1. Most importantly: Do what you love and the money will follow. If you do something you hate, you won't do it well.

2. Now is the time for internships. Everyone seems to pass up a stepping stone to their dream job in order. to make a quick buck. College ought to used to set up future employment, whether the money is going to be there currently or not.

3. You never know when your big break will come, so make the most of every opportunity.

4. (Why not?) Treat everyone with respect. It will be reciprocated.

Jeremy said...

It was good talking to BJ. He had some interesting insight and connected with us a little better than some of the speakers we've had so far, possibly because he's very young and energetic.
Three things:

1. You have to do some networking so that you can get a foot in the door. He was very big on this, which worries me since i haven't had much time to do this.

2. If you want to be a sports writer you have to be willing to work hard and eat a lot of ramen for a while, because your first job is not going to be glamorous and highly paid.

3. Whatever you end up doing, make sure that you love it. It's not worth doing something that you don't enjoy, no matter how much it pays.

Nadia said...

1. Do what you love. You'll be good at what you love. Don't get stuck in a job that you do not love.

2. Network. Make connections

3. When you get to a point wher eyou can share your connections give it back. don't forget where you came from

Robert said...

What I learned from B.J. Koubaroulis:

1. Giving back is the most important aspect of networking.

2. Networking is not using people but sharing yourself.

3. When covering high school games, it is important to get as much information as possible before game time.

Carlos said...

Meeting with B.J. Koubaroulis was a great experience because he related so well with the class and other Communications Majors that were there.

He told us that he was sitting in the same seats we were at the moment just a couple of years ago and gave us great advise on how to get a good job and how get ahead in whatever career path we so choose.

I learned the importance of networking and of having passion on the job. If you're passionate about what you do, it will probably reflect on your work.

Having the right people read your work and networking is just half of the big picture. Following this advice, when you've made it to be in a position of helping others' find a job, it's important to give back.

Earn it, respect it and give it back are a great guidelines for living the work we do, and becoming respectable professionals with a lot to offer.

Anonymous said...

The three things I learned from BJ Koubaroulis were that if you do what you love, the money will follow, that if you should treat everything you do like a potential job opportunity, and that networking is more about sharing yourself then benefiting from others.