Thursday, February 21, 2008

Check out this great story by BJ

Our class friend and Mason alumnus BJ Koubaroulis of the Washington Post and Fairfax Sports Network has a terrific story Thursday in the Post's weekly Fairfax Extra headlined, "Injured 'Sports Junkie' Maintains His Focus."

It begins:

"Through a window near his wheelchair, 17-year-old Nick Cafferky can see the top of a 20-foot-tall chain-link fence that wraps around a full-size basketball court in the back yard of his Great Falls home."

I hope you will read it and post your comments here for BJ.
BJ will visit class on Thursday March 27. You can read all his Post stories online.


Jeremy said...

Interesting story. At the beeginning it really semed like it was going to be really sad, but ultimately it was surprisingly uplifting.
Gotta have a lot of respect for that kid.

How do you find a story like this anyway?

DannyU said...

A great story B.J. I grew up and currently live in the Great Falls area. I also am a Langly graduate. Nick's story is truly an inspiration and one that had yet to be told. Thank you for covering it.