Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Communication Day -- Meeting with B.J. Koubaroulis

Meeting with B.J. Koubaroulis ?

For students that will be attending Communication Day on Feb. 7 in Dewberry Hall, I look forward to meeting with you and hearing your ideas, aspirations, goals and gripes about your future as a sports writer or some other more financially-rewarding career!

Here's a quick synopsis of what I plan to discuss in a segment the Comm Department has labeled "Networking and Getting Ahead."

...There are three main things that I believe are crucial in Networking:

1. Earn it
2. Respect it
3. Give it Back

Earn it

...Earn your place in your career. Work hard, invest in your long-term success and you'll see that a network will begin to build itself. Networking is not about using people, which is a common misunderstanding among young and eager professionals. Networking is about sharing yourself with others and earning your place in your career by developing a strong work ethic and product.

Respect it

...By working hard and developing yourself as a professional, you will naturally develop a respect among your peers and colleagues; hence a network. This respect is only earned through hard work and it is this respect that will allow you to grow in your career. As a sports writer, your byline is your career. Respect it and hold it in high value and you'll watch your network grow.

Give it Back

...There are so many ways that a person can give back. Giving back is not always about being the most highly-regarded financial donor to a university. Giving back is about creating opportunities for others in your network and those who need one, for example up-and-coming professionals that need a break in the business. Giving back is the most important part of networking.

I look forward to meeting you all at Communication Day.

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Carlos said...

Meeting with B.J. Koubaroulis was a great experience because he related so well with the class and other Communications Majors that were there.

He told us that he was sitting in the same seats we were just a couple of years ago and gave us great advise on how to get a good job and how get ahead in whatever career path we so choose.

I learned the importance of networking and of having passion on the job. If you're passionate about what you do, it will probably reflect on your work.

Having the right people read your work and networking is just half of the big picture. Following this advice, when you've made it to be in a position of helping others' find a job, it's important to give back.

Earn it, respect it and give it back are a great guidelines for living the work we do, and becoming respectable professionals with a lot to offer.